About us

Project Factory, a family company, was founded in 2014. Right from the beginning, our goal has been to produce high quality boat fittings for the marine industry. We are using the best materials from European and global suppliers. We manufacture products made of acid-proof steel and aluminum. Next boats and yachts going around the world. We are constantly developing and in 2019 we built a new, state of the art production hall and thanks to this we have increased production as a response to the growing demand of our customers.

We invite shipyards and individual clients to discuss your projects with us.





Dobrzyniewo Kościelne 45B
16-002 Dobrzyniewo Duże
TAX ID (NIP): 5423041948


+48 790-408-797

+48 723-900-414 

EU Project

Project Factory Agata Litwinko has received funding under Regional Operational Program of the Podlasie Voivodship for the years 2014-2020 Priority axis I: Strengthening the potential and competitiveness of the economy Measure 1.5. Supporting entrepreneurship and employment in communes whose development is conditioned by the Natura 2000 network for the implementation of the project No. WND-RPPD.01.05.01-20-0301 / 18 “Increasing the production capacity of Project Factory Agata Litwinko through an investment in the commune of Dobrzyniewo Duże.”
The main goal of the implemented project is to improve the quality of the company’s functioning in the domestic and foreign market environment through a series of activities strengthening the company’s production capacity with the assumption of respect for the natural environment and implementation of pro-ecological process solutions in the company.
The result of the project will be:
• Increase in employment in supported enterprises
• Increase in company revenues
• Strengthening the competitive strength of the enterprise
Project value: PLN 1 815 700.42
Contribution of European Funds: 885 707.52 PLN.